Every Moonshot Needs A

Starting a business and building a brand may sometimes feel like your own personal moonshot.
We'll work with you hand in hand through every phase of the development and design process to create an authentic brand identity; to deliver virtual experiences and creative content that truly engage your audience.
From start to finish, we'll provide a collaborative framework of support, counsel, and expertise to help you create a brand worthy of the passion you bring to your business.

Let's make something amazing together.

Spacesuit is a full-service independent multidisciplinary brand studio based in Raleigh, North Carolina, serving clients across the US and around the World. 
Who is Peter?
Chief Astronaut. Dreamer. Maker. Doer.

I'm a hybrid creative director, designer, producer and serial entrepreneur, with deep roots in the advertising and marketing industries.


Over the course of a career spanning more than 25 years I've contributed to scores of business development and creative content projects, with agencies, brands, and budgets, large and small.

I'm a book-smart, street-smart; tech-smart creative entrepreneur and ‘MacGyver-like’ problem solver.


I believe anything is possible if you keep solving problems.

Peter S. McKinney

 Creative Director

Executive Producer

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What is Spacesuit?
I am SPACESUIT and SPACESUIT is me. Sort of like, I am one with the force, and the force is with me.

Having worked in both the advertising agency and the production worlds, I am connected to a global network of diverse talent. 


Spacesuit manages a distributed workforce of experts in all facets of brand development, identity design, creative content production, video, digital, experiential, social, print & out of home, as well as specialists in post production – editorial and audio, VFX, animation, motion graphics, AR/VR, and app development.



Our name represents a belief in the value of exploration and discovery, fearlessly defiant in the face of never-been-done-before; providing protection from a challenging, often hostile, and ever-changing environment.