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Peter S. McKinney, Jr.

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I'm Peter McKinney


Let's make something amazing together!

Anything Is Possible If You Solve Enough ProblemsProblems

Who Am I?
Chief Astronaut. Creative Producer. 
Dreamer. Maker. Doer.

Experienced integrated & executive producer.  Persuasive communicator and proactive leader, agile, well organized, and pragmatic. Adept at building relationships, supporting collaborations, and curating creative solutions.

With deep NYC and LA roots in film production, art direction, and production design, and making just about every kind of creative content there is.

A book-smart, street-smart, tech-smart creative entrepreneur and ‘MacGyver-like’ problem solver.

What Is Spacesuit?

I am SPACESUIT and SPACESUIT is me. Sort of like,

"I am one with the force, and the force is with me."

Having worked in both the agency and the production worlds, I am connected to a global network of diverse talent. Experts in all facets of creative content production,  video, digital, experiential, social, print & out of home, as well as specialists in post – editorial and audio, VFX, animation, motion graphics, AR/VR, and app development.

Making at the speed of culture, I curate purpose-built teams to deliver creative content and brand experiences in any medium, and at any scale.